Contract G Swiss is a stunning combination of outstanding engineering  practice and solid manufacturing expertise, which provides bespoke  luxury interior design, construction and furnishing solutions for high-end residential and commercial interior projects.


The speed at which TRENDS, CULTURAL ATTITUDES and TECHNOLOGIES are changing, requires an organization by WORKING UNITS that continuously analyze the spectrum of international creative and technical scenarios.

The R&D division of Contract G Swiss addresses these topics on a daily basis, providing our architects and teams with important design tools.


The CGS technical office is made up of a number of highly specialised technicians with experience in various sectors, from construction to manufacturing of furniture and accessories production.

Thanks to this department we can offer an efficient and accurate executive design service aimed at organizing and coordinating our construction sites in the best possible way.


Contract G Swiss coordinates and organises all the companies and techniques required to prepare and complete a project.The control and management of all these players is only possible thanks to the profound knowledge and experience that CGS has gained over time.

This service is essential and constant throughout the production process. The checks in the production phase are carried out constantly in order to arrive prepared at the construction site and respect the times and projects agreed with the customer.


CGS is able to program and monitor the entire construction process of a building, from design to execution and testing.


Once the work is completed, CGS continues to take care of the project and its customer.

The maintenance and emergency services are fundamental, Contract G Swiss has dedicated teams that follow the needs of the customers.